Thursday 20th Feb 2014 – Where are MtGox? Live video feed at


We are outside their original office now, the receptionist claims that MtGox have moved away but their parent company Tibanne are still here.

There is various speculation about what could be going on.

13:00 We set up a video announcement at 13:00 where Aaron explained the situation with MtGox’s whereabouts and then took some Q&A. We had some 550 people tune in for this. According to the receptionist MtGox have officially left the building.

15:00 Tension is building with MtGox’s customers. People are panicking because the mysterious sudden disappearance from the building could indicate a slide towards bankruptcy. The share price suddenly drops 45%, with the graph of the price doing an incredible 90 degree cliff-drop.  If a company is holding vast quantities of other people’s money and then suddenly disappears then this is bound to happen. It is true that they have given another address but this is a “virtual” office address and nobody knows whether they are really there or not.

15:35: A new protester wearing an iron mask has joined and is not happy. After a while be begins to shout at the building.P1030099.jpg

16:30: More shouting at the building by other protesters and another visitor. There is a sense of desperation at this point.

Please watch our live video feed at  where Aaron is answering questions and giving updates

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