Our legal fees are very substantial. I am covering the cost of these myself and I would like to request BTC donations towards them.

The amount of funds raised will determine how much legal help we can get. None of the money will be going to myself.

So far, this is what the legal fees have been spent on investigating:

1) Sorting out who will be the beneficiary of the creditors’ 200k bitcoins, due to the legal technicality of MtGox now being solvent.
2) Looking at options for speeding up the bankruptcy process, in particular finding out if there are any options in managing the Coinlab case.
3) Looking into ways of creditors being represented as a group in order to have a louder voice.
4) Increasing transparency of the bankruptcy process.
5) Trying to reserve seats for creditors at the Karpeles trial.

The fund will be kept transparent. All receipts for money paid from the fund will be available on request.

Kolin Burges