Wednesday 19th Feb 2014

Today was Cyber Wednesday! We brought out more tech gear and batteries and set up camp, with @Kf_Lenz bringing round some seats for us. Aaron suited up with his Google Glass and caught Mark Karpeles going in from his dark-windowed cab. He requested to talk but didn’t get very far.
We set up live video streaming! It proved very popular with around 80 viewers. We left the audio off but tomorrow we plan to turn the audio back on during certain periods. We will also set up some kind of chat system so people can interact with us more easily.
Aaron will be bringing in his mega-tripod for the webcam, this thing is a rather over-the-top beast which weighs more than Mark Karpeles’ cocoa. If you plugged in a Skynet AI module it could give Godzilla a run for his money.
Here is the streaming URL. We should be back online on Thursday around 11:20am Tokyo time.
This evening MtGox announced a change of address. It has been suggested that the new address is a virtual office, we will find out tomorrow if they are still at the orginal office.
Thanks to Yayoi for bringing the hot drinks!

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