Friday 21st February 2014


Our live video feed with QA session is at

Our setup is getting more professional every day. Now we have matching seats!

12:40: Back to 2 of us at the moment and things are calm here. Aaron is doing his QA on the feed and I’m struggling with getting my internet to work well.


A lot of people came this afternoon and today has been by far the busiest yet, with press turning up regularly and people who’ve heard of the protest coming along to chat and hang out. Things are certainly heating up.

We are getting 250-550 people watching at once on the live stream!

I’ve been so busy that I was not able to update Twitter and this blog, sorry about that.

We heard that Roger Ver came along with some teas but that was in the morning before we arrived. Sorry we weren’t there!

Thanks to the other people who brought stuff.

Towards the end of the day we had 8 visitors hanging around and the police were called out and ended the protest around 5:15pm. We were told that we cannot continue the protest there, even if there’s just 2 people. We are currently unsure of the legality of this but are trying to sort something out. We went to the police station to ask for a demonstration license but were told for a license you need a demonstration route with start and end points. We are exploring our options but if anyone is more familiar than us with the protest laws please get in touch at

On Monday we will be continuing the protest but we’re unsure of the location. If you plan to visit us please stay updated with this site, or email

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