On MtGox’s update on 20th Feb

We’re not surprised by this update but definitely extremely disappointed.

Same old story – however things are different now and more desperate. Tension is building fast and many people are running out of patience. The price has gone under $100 which is less than 10% of the price from before this episode began. People are getting very worried indeed and are willing to part with their coins for 10% of their former worth just for a slight increase in the chance of getting some of their investment back. People have started to shout at the Tibanne building.


Thank you for your patience this week while we are working on re-initiating bit coin withdrawals

I’m not sure which patience is being referred to here. Maybe that of the anonymous customer in the iron mask who’s been shouting angrily at the building?

Or that of the protesters chanting at the building? Or maybe the international media storm?

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