On ending of the protest by police on Friday 21st Feb


On Friday 21st February at 5:15 pm the police ended the protest. They were not apparently called by Tibanne or MtGox but by another tenant of the building who said we were “scaring” him.

We were 2 people sitting in the street on miniature seats with laptops and protest signs.

However we also had 8 visitors at the time of the police arriving and this may have seemed frightening to some people. Many people in Japan find a group of foreigners intimidating and most of the group were non-Japanese. We were all standing well away from the building and its street entrance, actually outside the neighbouring building, so this was a little unfair. We were not carrying any protest signs or engaged in any protest activities at the time other than chatting to visitors.

So what next?

The protest will be continuing, but in order to avoid problems with the police we will need to make some changes. We are looking into our legal options and we are considering what other arrangements we might make. If you plan to visit us please check here at mtgoxprotest.com first to make sure you are going to the correct place. If you wish to arrange anything you can email kolin.burges@gmail.com

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