The future for

The protest outside the office is over but we will be continuing!

Our aim is to shed new light on what has been going on at the company, fight for the prosecution of those responsible for crimes there, report news, and help gox victims with information and updates on claiming their funds.

Coming soon will be a series of revelations on what has been going on inside MtGox, as well as details of events during the protest which haven’t been made public.

Update 3 March 01:00: As I’ve had criticism for not updating regularly and saying “Coming soon..” I will explain the situation. I am in Tokyo on the opposite side of the world from my home where I’ve been for 3 weeks now at my own expense (but I’ve had some donations, thanks!), working almost every waking hour to shed light on the MtGox situation and ensure these people don’t get away with losing everyone’s money without an explanation. If Aaron and myself hadn’t been doing that they might still be operating the site and taking more people’s deposits. I spend most of my day answering emails from concerned people, interviewing with the press, trying to initiate legal action to ensure things are investigated properly and the bankruptcy procedure is not opaque, and trying to source new information. As a result I am not able to update the blog as often as I would like to – but I am doing my best.

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