Friday 28th February 2014

TV and press still hanging around outside the empty MtGox offices.

Protest started late at 4pm and consisted of a series of interviews until 6pm.


18:00:  Mark Karpeles makes a statement to the press in Tokyo explaining the company has filed for bankruptcy protection. Finally an admission of insolvency and loss of all the bitcoins. This is what everyone has been waiting for since the website went down on Tuesday, and what the protest has been trying to achieve since the start.

It brings a welcome end to the false hopes Karpeles has been feeding his customers on the MtGox website this week, and an end to the protest in its current form.

18:45: The MtGox protest is packed up for the last time outside the empty former MtGox office. I do an exit interview with Asahi TV, and head home to spend the next couple of hours giving out final statements. Despite the sad ending in relation to customers’ deposits, I feel some satisfaction that the protest has outlived the company. This is not the end from us though, please see updates. We will be continuing.

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